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Dr. Sara's New Protocol UPGRADE YOUR DNA Interest Form

Dr. Sara’s New Protocol
Interest Form

Please complete this form to receive updates on the development of Dr. Sara’s new protocol, The Aging Reset. We expect to offer this online protocol later this year to a limited number of students in order to beta-test the course. Note that there will be a fee for the online course plus additional testing not included in the fee. This new protocol is set to launch in just a few weeks so sign up today to be apart of the first group allowed into her new online course!
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If no, are you willing to order a ($99) test or similar? *This question is required.
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Space Cell
Have you completed any functional medicine lab testing in the past? *This question is required.
I have experience in medical curriculum and/or credentialing exam design, online learning theory, or other expertise, and would like to be considered if Dr. Sara needs help developing the protocol and digital product. *This question is required.
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